Do You Rock Red Locks? Thank Your Parents

Rocking Red Locks? Thank Your Parents There are many pet names for this the red hair hue, do you rock red locks? Regardless of your preferred pet name, you'll find there's one adjective that describes it best: rare. While it's not entirely uncommon to encounter redheads, many people sport this head-turning look courtesy of a box or bottle. Natural redheads account [...]

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How to Get a Stylish Wig Following Chemotherapy

Stylish Wigs After Chemotherapy When your world changes following a cancer diagnosis, there is so much to think about. One of the big worries for patients having chemotherapy is hair loss, a major side effect of having some of the powerful drugs. But if you thought you were destined to wear a shapeless rug on your head, then think again. [...]

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Wigs and Hairpieces: 3 Reasons Why they are Hotter than Ever

Wigs and Hairpieces Needing to wear a wig due to hair loss may not seem like a fun or glamorous solution. However, wigs and hairpieces have really come a long way. Just by looking at pages in a celebrity magazine, you will see that wigs really have not been hotter! Sure enough, it is easy [...]

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