How to Make The Ocean an Ally for Your Hair

The ocean is an excellent resource of natural salt and minerals. It can be beneficial to both our hair and skin. Unlike the affects of chlorine on your hair, the healing elements of the ocean are as endless as the summer if you properly care for your hair before and after you take a dip. [...]

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5 Hair Struggles Only Women Can Understand

Blame it on Pinterest — today’s women suffer a whole lot of hair envy. Thanks in part to picture-perfect snaps of models with ready-made, gorgeous locks that seem to never fall out of place. The love/hate struggle is real; we’re only human. But rather than letting our insecurities cripple us, let’s look for solutions, beginning [...]

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A DIY Spa Day For Mom’s With Thinning Hair

Mother’s should be celebrated everyday, but at least we’ve set aside one particular day, Mother’s Day, to really show them how special they are to us. A do-it-yourself spa day is a great and thoughtful way to pamper your aging mother. Most women over the age of fifty begin to experience thinning hair and a [...]

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