Sean Connery Wore a Hairpiece in Every Bond Film

Sean Connery Hairpiece Sean Connery is one of the silver screen's great movie icons, having played secret agent James Bond in seven successful films. He is also credited with having a significant movie career besides the Bond franchise, having appeared in 62 other features over five decades. In 1988, he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for [...]

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10 Myths And Facts About Hair Loss

10 Myths and Facts About Hair Loss Understanding and treating hair loss is a billion-dollar business. In the attempt to find products, cures and procedures that will remedy or slow down hair loss, scientists have learned a lot in recent years. Unfortunately, several myths have been passed off as fact along the way. The following [...]

Hair Replacement With An Active Lifestyle

When summer rolls around, everyone knows its time to get outside. For many people, summer is their favorite time of year to be active; to swim, run, bike, hike, and more. But for those who may suffer from hair loss, summer may seem like an impossible time to both maintain an active lifestyle and go [...]

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Can A Hat Cause Baldness?

Hat Wearing, Can It Cause Baldness? Rooting for your favorite team is important to any avid sports fan. Purchasing sports paraphernalia is especially common for men who are into sports. The most popular way these sports fanatics show their support is by wearing a baseball cap with their team’s logo on it. As men get [...]

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