Natural-Looking Hairpieces with New Tech

Hairpieces Become Advanced Due to the new technology involving wigs and hairpieces, wearing one has become much easier and these hair pieces have become very hard to spot.  We no longer use the heavy, itchy “rugs” that just covered your whole head in a cloth base.  Lighter, more natural looking hairpieces are produced, that are [...]

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10 Myths And Facts About Hair Loss

10 Myths and Facts About Hair Loss Understanding and treating hair loss is a billion-dollar business. In the attempt to find products, cures and procedures that will remedy or slow down hair loss, scientists have learned a lot in recent years. Unfortunately, several myths have been passed off as fact along the way. The following [...]

Thinning Hair During The Holiday Season

Thinning Hair for the Holidays The holiday season is almost to a close and many of you have been working hard on getting the house in order, picking out everyone’s gifts, and even planning the party! Have you had a chance to think how you are going to style your hair? If you are like [...]

Hair Replacement Solution for Stress Related Hair Loss

Hair Replacement Question From a Reader Lew, I have almost total baldness because of extreme and unrelenting stress.  My hair was always fine.  I am 61 years old and I feel that because of the age and the continuing stress the hair will not be growing back.  I only have a small patch of hair [...]

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Hair Restoration for Alopecia Areata Reader

Hair Restoration Question from a Reader Lew, My wife recently found out she has Alopecia Areata. She began to lose hair almost a year ago today. We were recommended steroid injections, but had very little success. 80 percent of what she lost has come back, but has come back without color. She is still missing [...]