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Natural-Looking Hairpieces with New Tech

Hairpieces Become Advanced Due to the new technology involving wigs and hairpieces, wearing one has become much easier and these hair pieces have become very hard to spot.  We no longer use the heavy, itchy “rugs” that just covered your whole head in a cloth base.  Lighter, more natural looking hairpieces are produced, that are easy to style, and even look and move just like real hair. Monofilament Monofilament is that main difference in the look and feel of today’s hair pieces.  It is a cool, gauzy nylon that’s transparent and soft, letting your natural scalp show through.  Regardless of style, monofilament wigs are virtually undetectable.  There are many cap constructions to choose from, allowing the widest styling options.  Comfortable [...]

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8 Ways to Help Your Kids Overcome Trichotillomania

Overcome Trichotillomania Let's face it. If you are a parent of a child with trichotillomania, you might feel embarrassed, scared and confused. It sounds like such a bizarre bodily disorder. But is it really? Trichotillomania (trick-o-til-o-MAY-nee-ah) is a disorder that makes people want to pull out their hair. It is sometimes a reaction to stressful circumstances (family tension, performance at school, etc.). Before you start pulling out your own hair in frustration, try these eight practical tips to manage your child's trichotillomania. 1. Have Greater Awareness The first thing you should know as a parent is that trichotillomania is not as uncommon as you might think. According to Time magazine, trich affects about two million people in America. It is also not uncommon for it to start occurring during the stressful [...]

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Tips You Should Know Before You Buy a Wig

Tips When Buying A Wig Many situations may arise that may cause you to want to buy a wig. However, if you have never shopped for a wig before, there may be some things you didn’t know or thought you knew about them. One of the most common issues, especially for  alopecia wigs is that you can actually get ones that complement your features and look like your real hair. Being informed on wigs and how to select ones with good quality that suit you will help you accomplish that. Wigs That Compliment Your Face Not every hair style you try will work for you, and the same goes with wigs. Finding a style that matches your features is the [...]

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Do You Rock Red Locks? Thank Your Parents

Rocking Red Locks? Thank Your Parents There are many pet names for this the red hair hue, do you rock red locks? Regardless of your preferred pet name, you'll find there's one adjective that describes it best: rare. While it's not entirely uncommon to encounter redheads, many people sport this head-turning look courtesy of a box or bottle. Natural redheads account for only 1 to 2 percent of the population! The Pigment Part of the Puzzle One's hair color is determined by the concentration of eumelanin and pheomelanin pigments in hair strands. Eumelanin is responsible for the darkness or lightness of hair, and people with very low eumelanin concentrations have blonde hair, while those with very high concentrations have black hair. Pheomelanin contributes the red shading, and blondes and brunettes often have [...]

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How to Get a Stylish Wig Following Chemotherapy

Stylish Wigs After Chemotherapy When your world changes following a cancer diagnosis, there is so much to think about. One of the big worries for patients having chemotherapy is hair loss, a major side effect of having some of the powerful drugs. But if you thought you were destined to wear a shapeless rug on your head, then think again. Times have changed, and there are now some really stylish options for people faced with hair loss. Plan Ahead Once you know you are having chemotherapy, start planning for the day when you lose your hair. This means you can try wigs and think about the style and shape you want, so you are prepared. You'll also have time to find a good wig supplier, and consider options like a [...]

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