Each of us has an immune system that works to help our body defend its self from the invasion of infection. The organs that give this resistance include the thymus, lymph nodes, and bone marrow.

If an autoimmune disorder develops then a person’s immune system has mistakenly attacked and destroyed healthy body tissue. When this happens then there can be a variety of conditions which may include alopecia and lupus and other diseases.

Alopecia Areata Hair LossAlopecia

This is an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss and is associated with alopecia areata. When our immune system sends signals to our white blood cells to attack healthy hair follicle cells then the result you get can be varying degrees of hair loss. Often this takes place on a person’s scalp but it can at times occur on their face and body.

Hair loss usually occurs in small circular patches. This disorder can lead to other types of alopecia where hair loss can occur over the entire scalp which is called alopecia totalis. There are even more severe cases where an individual may have hair loss from all over the body. This type of alopecia is called, alopecia universalis.


This is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects several organs and systems in the body. The outcome can bring on a wide array of symptoms that include headaches, painful joints, fatigue, and hair loss.

Hair loss can develop when the antibodies attack the hair follicles. When this happens the hair shaft is then rejected by the body and the hair falls out. Someone suffering from lupus can suffer from cycles of flare-ups and hair in remission may grow back but if scarring develops then this greatly affect the hair follicles ability to regrow hair and the hair loss can be permanent.


This is another disease that can cause hair loss. It occurs when the thyroid gland becomes overactive and it releases too much thyroid hormone which results in an increased metabolic rate, weight loss, and anxiety. When our natural amount of hormone is not kept then our bodies normal functions can slow down.

Someone that suffers from hypothyroidism often has common signs like fatigue, dry and thinning hair.

Coping with Hair Loss from Autoimmune Diseases

When we have a better understanding of what diseases can cause hair loss then it can be easier to cope with the issue. Talking with hair loss specialists like those at InVisions of Connecticut can also greatly help. You can have a confidential consultation where they can offer you non-invasive hair loss treatments to help you restore your hair so you have the hair you want. They can do so in a manner that is comfortable and won’t interfere in medical treatments. You can also find support groups or visit individual therapist that can help you cope emotionally and offer encouragement. It is important to make sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet and get enough sleep. One of the first steps to help prevent hair loss as well as other symptoms is to have the underlying disease diagnosed. You should see your doctor if you believe you may have a disease like those we have mentioned.

Autoimmune Disease Treatments

If a person is diagnosed with an autoimmune disease they often have changes to their diet and lifestyle but that can also include hormone treatment that is often used to help treat the disorder. Different diseases may be targeted with immunosuppressant drugs or steroids. The side effects from these drugs can often cause hair loss and that can only compound the issue. It is important to have symptoms properly identified and corrected by a healthcare professional.

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