18 05, 2020

Choosing a Hair Replacement Studio


Choosing The Right Hair Replacement Studio For You Maybe you've finally decided to do something about your hair loss and are looking for a Connecticut hair replacement studio where you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that they can take care of you and your needs. Maybe you've been wearing hair for years and you [...]

Choosing a Hair Replacement Studio2020-05-29T09:37:47-04:00
8 02, 2020

How Can I Hide My Balding?


Is your hair thinning or are you going bald? Hair loss affects everyone differently and can occur for various reasons. Maybe you want a simple or permanent solution to hide your balding. Many people suffer from hair loss, and it can be difficult to accept. You should talk to your doctor or a hair loss [...]

How Can I Hide My Balding?2020-02-11T08:57:42-05:00
17 04, 2019

7 Lifestyle Habits That Contribute to Hair Loss


Have you noticed your hair is thinning? Hair loss is common and affects everyone differently but maybe you didn't know your hair loss was attributed to lifestyle habits. Everyday routines or even new lifestyle changes can be the reason for you hair loss. To make a change and restore your hair, read this blog to [...]

7 Lifestyle Habits That Contribute to Hair Loss2019-05-18T13:47:07-04:00
12 02, 2019

What Are The Main Causes Of Hair Loss For Men And Women?


Hair loss can occur for several reasons, most out of our control but not all. Hair loss, for any reason, can be frustrating and embarrassing. People become stressed out and self-conscious about their appearance, which can affect their confidence and their performance in everyday activities. The good news is there are several hair replacement and restoration techniques [...]

What Are The Main Causes Of Hair Loss For Men And Women?2019-05-18T12:45:48-04:00
9 05, 2018

Decades of Bad Hairstyles


How often have you gone through old photos, and reminiscing about the days of old. The one thing that always seems to catch our eye is how much our hairstyles have changed over the years. Even if you have always tried to keep up with the trending hair styles through the years, when you look [...]

Decades of Bad Hairstyles2019-07-17T13:18:01-04:00
8 05, 2018

Fast Food and Baldness


The nutrients we take in are a large part of our hair health. Our diet plays an intricate roll as a contributing factor to baldness. It’s important for us to get the proper amount of protein, vitamins A, B5, C, D, and E, omega-3 fatty acids, copper, zinc, iron, potassium, folic acid, and biotin, among [...]

Fast Food and Baldness2019-05-18T12:40:21-04:00
13 02, 2018

Is Surgery the Only Permanent Solution to Hair Loss?


If you’re experiencing hair loss, you’ll want an effective solution. Many people want a treatment more advanced than a wig or toupee that will provide a permanent solution. One treatment for hair loss is hair transplant surgery, which will provide a permanent solution. However, many people who have experienced hair loss worry about the risks [...]

Is Surgery the Only Permanent Solution to Hair Loss?2019-07-31T09:09:50-04:00
30 01, 2018

New Year, New You: Why 2018 Should be the Year of Hair Restoration


Losing your hair can be stressful. Whether your hair is just starting to thin or you’ve been losing your hair for a while, there’s no time like the present to seek out a solution. If hair loss has been detracting from your appearance or your life, hair restoration can help. If you’re seeking a new [...]

New Year, New You: Why 2018 Should be the Year of Hair Restoration2019-05-18T13:11:13-04:00
27 12, 2017

4 Ways to Make Your Hair Thicker


If you’ve noticed that your hair seems thinner than usual lately, you could actually be in early stages of hair loss! Many people do not notice their hair loss until it starts falling out in patches. However, when you treat hair loss early on, you have a much better chance of success. There are treatments [...]

4 Ways to Make Your Hair Thicker2019-11-14T12:11:57-05:00
13 11, 2017

Addressing Common Concerns About Hair Loss Solutions


Losing your hair can be a very stressful experience. For some people, trying to find the right solution is just as stressful. Many people worry about various hair loss solutions, fearing that they will not end up with the results that they’re looking for. If you have concerns about hair loss solutions, read below to [...]

Addressing Common Concerns About Hair Loss Solutions2019-05-18T12:40:47-04:00
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