8 02, 2018

What Can be Done to Combat Trichotillomania?


Trichotillomania, or TTM, is a disorder that causes people to compulsively pull their hair. The extent to which an individual pulls their hair varies from person to person, as does the severity of their hair pulling urges. Those with TTM might pull hair from their scalp, eyebrows, arms, or any other location on the body [...]

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8 03, 2017

8 Ways to Help Your Kids Overcome Trichotillomania


Overcome Trichotillomania Let's face it. If you are a parent of a child with trichotillomania, you might feel embarrassed, scared and confused. It sounds like such a bizarre bodily disorder. But is it really? Trichotillomania (trick-o-til-o-MAY-nee-ah) is a disorder that makes people want to pull out their hair. It is sometimes a reaction to stressful circumstances (family tension, performance at [...]

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7 10, 2015

Trichotillomania Awareness Week


Trichotillomania Awareness If you didn’t know, October 1-7 is Trichotillomania Awareness Week. TLC or the Trichotillomania Learning Center is an organization that’s main focus and goal is to bring attention to hair pulling and skin picking disorders to everyone who will listen to help show that those who suffer from them are not alone and [...]

Trichotillomania Awareness Week2018-02-23T03:53:40-05:00
26 08, 2015

Finding Help | Trichotillomania


Trichotillomania Help One of the most common forms of hair loss is called Trichotillomania. Trich is defined as a condition that makes the individual feel the need to pull out their own hair, mostly in large chunks. There are around 4,000,000 people nationwide who struggle with it. Studies have shown that trich can begin as [...]

Finding Help | Trichotillomania2018-02-23T03:53:40-05:00
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