Thinning hair can be very stressful, especially during the holiday season. When you don’t look your best, it’s hard to feel your best. The reunions with old friends and photo opportunities that accompany the holiday season can leave you feeling more self conscious than usual about your hair. If you’re worried about thinning hair, here are some tips to help disguise it!

Thinning Hair Solutions for Women

1. Lighten Your Hair

One of the best ways to hide mild thinning is to lighten your hair. The contrast between dark hair and a pale scalp can make thin hair far more noticeable. Therefore, lightening your hair will lessen this contrast, making your thinning less noticeable. Adding highlights to your hair can help as well, as it will add volume and depth to your hairstyle.

2. Cut It Short

When your hair is long, the length can weigh your hair down which will make it look thinner and untextured. Cutting your hair short can help you avoid these issues. Your thin hair will seem much less dramatic in a shorter hairstyle and can help add interest and texture. Consider cutting layers in your hair as well, which will add volume and style to your hair.

3. Use Mousse

Mousse is a great product to help add volume to your hair, as it is specifically designed for this purpose. In addition to creating volume, it can calm frizz in your hair and add shine, making your hair look even better. Mousse is a great way to add texture and interest to your hairstyle while adding to its overall volume.

4. Try a Blowout

Salon blowouts are great, but you can give yourself a blowout at home! Using a round brush, pull your hair in the opposite direction of it’s growth while blowdrying it. For example, brush the hair on the right side of your head toward the left, and vice versa. Not only can a blowout add volume to your hair, but it will also leave you looking glamorous!

5. Wear Hair Accessories

Hair accessories such as headbands, clips, and others can help hide your thinning hair. In addition to covering up any patches on your scalp, when worn correctly, these accessories can add volume to your hair. These accessories can help disguise your thinning hair and make your hairstyle look more stylish.

6. Hair Restoration and Hair Replacement

All of the previously mentioned techniques are short-term fixes. If you are seeking a long-term and completely natural looking solution, then hair restoration or hair replacement is your answer. If you are still in the early stages of hair loss, you can treat your hair loss and create the optimum environment for healthy hair growth. If your hair loss is a bit more advanced you can still have any hair style that you desire with the latest advancements in hair replacement. This is a great way to feel good about a full head of hair for holiday gatherings and pictures.


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