weight loss hair loss Weight loss can be a very healthy thing for your body. Not only can it improve your overall health, but it will help you look and feel your best while giving you your confidence back. Although you might think weight loss will give you the look you’ve always wanted, it might also lead to hair loss, giving you a whole new issue to deal with. Read below to learn about the impact of weight loss on hair loss and what you can do to prevent it.

Shocking Your System

If your weight loss is dramatic, it can be a shock to your system and cause significant stress on your body. When your body experiences significant stress, it will go into survival mode, cutting off hair growth to conserve energy. This stress can also throw off your hormones and hair growth cycles, decreasing the periods at which your hair is growing. Fortunately, the stress on your body will subside and your hair growth should resume normally.

Lack of Nutrients

If you cut down on your eating, often times, your nutrition suffers. When you diet, you could cut down on protein, iron, and other nutrient-rich foods. These foods not only promote hair loss, but also provide your body with energy it needs to perform its functions such as hair growth. When your body lacks nutrients, it will often cut off hair growth in order to conserve energy for more essential tasks.


The most positive aspect of hair loss caused by weight loss is that it is almost always temporary. Once your body settles back to normal, your hair growth should resume. Your hormones and hair growth cycles will settle back to normal, balancing the periods of hair growth and rest. If you make a point to consume the correct nutrients, any hair loss as a result of nutrient-deficiency should subside as well.


Although there are cases in which hair loss after weight loss is inevitable, there are steps you can take to prevent it. Always take vitamins to supplement the nutrients you might be cutting out while dieting. Take extra care to ensure that you’re consuming enough protein and iron to promote your hair growth. Avoid crash diets and any dramatic weight loss programs that will cause significant stress to your body and potentially lead to hair loss. If you make sure to care for your body during a diet, your weight loss is much less likely to lead to hair loss.


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