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Mother’s should be celebrated everyday, but at least we’ve set aside one particular day, Mother’s Day, to really show them how special they are to us. A do-it-yourself spa day is a great and thoughtful way to pamper your aging mother. Most women over the age of fifty begin to experience thinning hair and a spa treatment could be both healthy and gentle for her hair. Not to mention an overall relaxing and memorable day for you and her. Here are a few DIY ideas for you to try:

Scalp Massage and Oil Treatment

Jojoba Oil is very effective in keeping her scalp healthy. You can find several combinations of oil treatments online. Try adding other oils to the jojoba like lavender oils, rosemary oils and even thyme and basil oils. Cedarwood oil is an excellent anti-inflammatory that will leave her scalp smelling beautiful. Once you’ve created the perfect scalp tonic let it sit on her scalp for about 60 minutes. In the meantime, you can massage her neck and shoulders to give her the full relaxation experience.

Wash Her Hair with Organic Shampoo

After her scalp oil treatment you’ll want to rinse the excess oils from her head. Washing her hair in a sink and using a sulfate-free shampoo is the perfect way to complete the treatment. Sulfates have been known to damage hair, particularly thinning hair, and you don’t want to reverse what you’ve accomplished by using the oils. Use the shampooing as another opportunity to massage her scalp. Then be sure to completely rinse out the shampoo and oils when you’re done.

Create a Refreshing Drink for Sipping

If you’ve ever been to a spa you know they’re famous for providing cucumber water. Although cucumbers have been known to boost hair health, just about any fruit will also do. You can create a concoction the day before her spa treatment by slicing up your desired fruit or cuke and put them in a pitcher. Then fill it up with water and let it sit for about 12 hours. It’s the perfectly refreshing and nutritious drink to offer during or at the end of her spa day.

This DIY Spa Day is ideal for a mom suffering from thinning hair. She will feel rejuvenated, her scalp will be healthier, and the best part is she’ll get to spend time with you. And time spent means more to a loving mother than anything else in the world.

Womens Hair Restoration

Thinning hair is a big concern for all women and mothers alike. If you or your mom are suffering from hair loss InVisions of Connecticut offers proven womens hair restoration and replacement solutions for all types of hair loss. For a FREE confidential hair and scalp analysis call us at (800) 842-4247 or to contact us via email click here.

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