You might notice that during the fall your hair seems to shed more than it does in warmer parts of the year. One explanation for this occurrence is that your hair often grows thicker in the summer to protect your scalp from the sun and will thin out in the cooler months. In order to combat this excessive hair shedding, the best thing you can do is to promote hair growth. Here are some ways to promote hair growth to combat excessive shedding in the fall

female hair lossMassage Your Scalp

When you massage your scalp, you will stimulate the blood circulation to the scalp. Increase bloodflow to the scalp will create a healthy environment for hair to grow and promote an increase in overall hair growth. Massaging your scalp daily is an easy way to naturally promote hair growth.

Deep Conditioning

When the weather gets colder, your skin, including your scalp, can become dry and irritated. Regularly deep conditioning your hair and scalp, preferably once a week, will keep your scalp moisturized in the cold weather. Regular deep conditioning will prevent itching and irritation from a dry scalp and reduce the amount of hair shedding you experience.

Eat Fall Superfoods

There are many fruits and vegetables that are harvested in the fall that can promote hair growth. Superfoods such as apples, Brussels sprouts, rutabagas, squash, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes are superfoods that promote hair growth. Take advantage of these fall superfoods and eat as many as possible to avoid excessive hair shedding.

Don’t Style/Brush When Wet

Your hair is more sensitive and fragile when it’s wet. Therefore, you should avoid brushing your hair or styling it when it’s wet. Don’t tie up wet hair or pull at it in any way, as it can damage your hair and pull at the roots, which can irritate the scalp. When you style your hair while it’s wet, you can increase the amount of hair fall that you’ll experience.


If your hair shedding is dramatic, you might consider medications. There are various medications available to you that will create a healthy environment for hair growth. There are oral medications available to you as well as creams that you can rub on your scalp to promote its health. Medications are a more extreme option that should not be used in situations of average hair loss, but can very helpful for more dramatic hair loss.


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