laser hair loss rejuvenation regrowth connecticutOne concern that we frequently address more than any other is a general desire for thicker, fuller hair. Many people who are only in the beginning stages of hair loss find that while they are not necessarily experiencing baldness, their hair is becoming far more sparse than they would like. Unfortunately, there is no magic, universally effective method to ensure fuller, thicker hair; rather, the treatment must be carefully tailored to suit the specific form of hair loss involved.

Treatments For Lack Of Hair Thickness

When hair is particularly fine, it can often appear to be thinning despite the fact that it maintains dense coverage over the entire scalp. Damaging hair care practices, like heat styling or harsh chemical treatments strip away some of the hair strand’s outer layers, making it more likely to break and split and appear thin. More seriously, the earliest stages of androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as genetic pattern baldness, begin by shrinking the affected hair follicles, causing them to produce increasingly thin hair until they eventually stop producing hair altogether.

Fortunately, the process of thinning hair can often be halted, or in some cases, even reversed with non-surgical hair restoration treatments like low light laser therapy, or with topical medications. Continue reading to learn more about three of the most popular hair restoration remedies for thinning hair.

Laser Hair Therapy Treatment

At our Connecticut studio, laser hair loss treatment works through the use of therapeutic low-level lasers, which deliver light energy directly to the scalp, increasing blood flow and stimulating hair growth. During treatment, a device is placed over the scalp and the low-energy light is delivered directly to the affected areas. It’s important to note that laser treatments do not use thermal energy (heat) to treat the scalp and it’s not painful at all. In fact, our clients are able to sit comfortably during therapy, often while perusing a magazine or relaxing.

Both men and women in the early stages of hair loss can benefit from these types of treatments. The treatment is safe as it uses low-level lasers, which meet all international safety standards and legislative specifications of a “non-significant risk” product. Laser therapy has been shown to be quite effective in both men and women when used in conjunction with hair transplant surgery as well as other hair loss treatment procedures.

Ultimately, you will need to regularly attend laser hair treatment sessions if you wish to maximize results from the therapy. Typically, our clients begin to see thicker, fuller and healthier looking hair after a few weeks of laser hair treatment. Before treatments begin, we’ll perform a complete hair and scalp evaluation, discussing the the benefits of a customized laser hair therapy program. Finally, we’ll review what kind of results you can expect. Individual results may vary.

Tricological Hair Loss Treatment

Our trichological hair loss treatment programs are aimed at managing moderate to mild hair loss and thinning for both men and women. There are many benefits available in Trichological hair loss treatment, including improved hair and scalp health. Research demonstrates that Trichological hair loss programs effectively improve blood supply to the scalp, stimulates hair follicles, increases hair strength, and repairs damage normally caused by chemical services.

Carefully controlled clinical studies show that it is possible to significantly increase the percentage of healthy, growing hair in both men and women.

If you want to learn more about Trichological hair loss treatments, click here.

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