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Men’s Hair Replacement Systems for An Active Lifestyle

When summer rolls around, everyone knows its time to get outside. For many people, summer is their favorite time of year to be active; to swim, run, bike, hike, and more. But for those who may suffer from hair loss, summer may seem like an impossible time to both maintain an active lifestyle and go through the steps that necessary for hair replacement. Concerns that a lot of men have are thinking that sweating a lot or swimming will make it so a hair loss procedure is out of the question. But with the latest advances in non-surgical hair replacement for men, it can be possible for you to have it all, both an active lifestyle, and the hair you’ve [...]

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5 Hair Struggles Only Women Can Understand

Blame it on Pinterest — today’s women suffer a whole lot of hair envy. Thanks in part to picture-perfect snaps of models with ready-made, gorgeous locks that seem to never fall out of place. The love/hate struggle is real; we’re only human. But rather than letting our insecurities cripple us, let’s look for solutions, beginning with these five major ones. Hair Falling Out While men experience this too, with women it can be lot more messy to clean up. Wet strands all over the shower floor. A brush-full of hair. The reminder that you aren’t getting any younger. Here are more FAQ's regarding women's hair loss. Solution: The culprit could be hormones, such as those brought on by the pill. [...]

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8 Ways to Help Your Kids Overcome Trichotillomania

Overcome Trichotillomania Let's face it. If you are a parent of a child with trichotillomania, you might feel embarrassed, scared and confused. It sounds like such a bizarre bodily disorder. But is it really? Trichotillomania (trick-o-til-o-MAY-nee-ah) is a disorder that makes people want to pull out their hair. It is sometimes a reaction to stressful circumstances (family tension, performance at school, etc.). Before you start pulling out your own hair in frustration, try these eight practical tips to manage your child's trichotillomania. 1. Have Greater Awareness The first thing you should know as a parent is that trichotillomania is not as uncommon as you might think. According to Time magazine, trich affects about two million people in America. It is also not uncommon for it to start occurring during the stressful [...]

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Tips You Should Know Before You Buy a Wig

Tips When Buying A Wig Many situations may arise that may cause you to want to buy a wig. However, if you have never shopped for a wig before, there may be some things you didn’t know or thought you knew about them. One of the most common issues, especially for  alopecia wigs is that you can actually get ones that complement your features and look like your real hair. Being informed on wigs and how to select ones with good quality that suit you will help you accomplish that. Wigs That Compliment Your Face Not every hair style you try will work for you, and the same goes with wigs. Finding a style that matches your features is the [...]

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Ways to Embrace Your Baldness

Are you bald? There are numerous explanations behind untimely male pattern baldness, and for most people baldness is inherited. By and large, men experience a receding hairline and after that the crown, leaving a ring of hair around their head. Ladies often lose their hair because of anxiety, as hair follicles achieve their resting stage early on. Females additionally lose hair after labor or while experiencing health issues, for example, chemotherapy. Here are some ways to embrace your baldness. Take Advantage of it In the event that you are a man and are going bald, shave your head and oil that wonderful dome. Using a moisturizer will avert dryness, which can be a noteworthy turn-off. Search for over-the-counter moisturizers that [...]

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