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Jeffrey – Male Pattern Baldness

“My hair was holding me back”

Jeff’s Story

I was around 17 years old and a senior in high school when I started losing my hair. It was around my junior prom that I noticed my hair was really thin. By the time I graduated high school I realized that I had lost half the hair I had on top of my head, and realized I had to do something.

I spent the next couple of years kinda hiding in hat. I did electrical work and a lot of they guys would wear hats on a daily basis so I fit right in doing that. When I got into my twenties and my friends would want to go out to places where wearing a hat wasn’t appropriate, so I would stay home.

I started looking around to see if there was anything I could do. I went to a doctor who was a family friend. He was a dermatologist and did hair transplants. He told me I was not a good candidate for a hair transplant surgery because I didn’t have enough donor hair. He suggested that I look into some sort of hair system.

I went to a place that did hair systems. They put a system on me and styled to my facial features. I loved the hair and started going out again, even dating. It really gave me back my confidence.