Hair Loss10 Myths and Facts About Hair Loss

Understanding and treating hair loss is a billion-dollar business. In the attempt to find products, cures and procedures that will remedy or slow down hair loss, scientists have learned a lot in recent years. Unfortunately, several myths have been passed off as fact along the way. The following are 10 myths and facts about hair loss.

Wearing Hats Can Cause Hair To Fall Out

Hair follicles don’t get their oxygen source from the air, but from the bloodstream. This means that the friction from a hat will not cause baldness.

Baldness Comes From Your Mother’s Side

According to Bernstein Medical Center for Hair Restoration, you’re slightly more likely to inherit baldness from your mother’s side, but it can come from either your mother’s side or your father’s side.

Baldness Skips a Generation

Pattern baldness is not completely understood, but there is no evidence that it skips a generation. Unfortunately, if your father is bald, you can’t necessarily expect to have a full head of thick hair.

Hairspray and Gel Use Can Cause Hair Loss

This rumor may have started because so many hair care products contain an excessive amount of chemicals that can be harmful. But there is no evidence that any type of hair product on the market can cause you to go bald.

Birth-Control Pills Cause Hair Issues

Prevention states that this may be at least partially true. Some women may have hair follicles that are sensitive to birth-control pills which contain a lot of progesterone.

Stress Causes Hair to Fall Out

While it is true that excessive stress can cause hair to fall out in some people, it does not cause permanent baldness.

It’s Possible to Grow Hair Follicles

While there are definitely procedures that can help those who have experienced hair loss, growing new follicles isn’t currently one of them.

Thyroid Problems

A condition called hypothyroidism can contribute to hair loss. There are thyroid medications that can be prescribed which may remedy the problem.

Hair Loss Can’t Be Reversed

While there are a lot of crazy claims promising to regrow hair that aren’t true, hair loss sometimes can actually be reversed. According to Medical Daily, hormones may play a role in treating hair loss.

Hair Restoration Doesn’t Work

Hair restoration has come a long way in recent years and hair restoration does work! There are many technological advancements both in non-surgical hair replacement as well as surgical hair restoration. Here at Invisions we offer many options that are 100% customized for you and your hair loss. Schedule your free consultation today!


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