Hair Replacement: Taking 10 Years Off Your Appearance

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Men - Hairskeen Hair Middlebury, CTIn an article on their website, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery suggests that “one of the most common reasons men and women consider hair replacement is to overcome what they perceive to be an age-inappropriate appearance. They don’t want to appear older than their calendar age or appear older than they wish to appear.”

The article goes on to state that “the reasons to avoid age-inappropriate appearance can be personal, work-related, or a combination of both. Across Connecticut, as elsewhere, in both personal and work environments, age-inappropriate appearance can substantially influence one’s self-regard, and one’s interpersonal and work-related relationships. Age is objectively measured in years, but the appearance of age is assessed subjectively. It is often the subjective assessment by others that counts the most in one’s personal and professional life.”

It’s a proven fact: Hair Replacement can take 10 years off your appearance.

While most people in Connecticut and elsewhere that you encounter in your daily life probably have no idea what your calendar age really is, they nevertheless “quickly make judgments regarding your appearance of age. Along with their assessment of your apparent age as seen through their eyes, they may make some judgments regarding what may be called age-related values,” the author suggests, such as vigor, self-regard, youthfulness or agelessness.

Persons suffering from hair loss are acutely aware of these factors. Happily there are a number of options available from topical treatments, to laser hair therapy, non-surgical hair replacements, and wigs. This is a really great article, and you can read the entire article here. Kudos to the ISHRS.

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