Millennial Men are Losing Their Hair

For a lot of men, they expect to have some hair loss. At around 35 years of age hair loss begins for two thirds of males. Over 85% of men experience thinning hair or hair loss by the time the hit 50 years old. You know who’s not expecting hair loss? Men in their late teens and twenties!

Mens hair loss restoration replacement CTI’m 20 years old and Going Bald!

For most guys around 21 years old and for women at age 30 probably don’t hear much about thinning hair. At their age, why would they. It’s hard enough for men and women over the age of 40 to deal with the reality of having thinning hair. So few young people need hair loss treatments or find their hair is thinning and it can be especially scary and isolating for them. If you notice your losing your hair, you are not alone.

First off, this happens to more young men than you’d think. The reasons for men and women to lose the hair happens for many reasons. Androgenetic alopecia is normally the culprit for most men but for women can loss can be brought on by hormones, stress, hair pulling or even pattern baldness. If a person has a big life event happen that can also trigger hair loss. Your secret is yours to keep, but that doesn’t mean you can’t talk about it with someone.

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You Can Actually Do Something About Hair Loss!

We have hair specialists that understand what is happening to someone with hair loss and can find out why and what you can expect down the road. We work hard to turn your uncertainty into and understanding and give you all the information you need to make decisions about your hair loss effectively.

Early action can be the most valuable action. It is common nature for most people who believe their hair is thinning is to not believe there is a problem. While some conditions can cause hair to fall out in clumps, while other can the thinning or shedding over time. By taking action early you can find out the cause of your hair loss and possibly slow it down or reverse it. The first step towards having great hair for a lifetime is to keep the hair you have.

We’ll consider natural hair growth remedies. Some hair loss causes like androgenic alopecia (genetic pattern baldness) can happen in stages. Hair is affected in multiple stages of growth. Shortening the growing phase and causing follicles to remain dormant longer than they normally would. Hair can begin to thin before the follicle actually dies. We take the approach to hair loss in a way to give you options to promote hair growth and prevent future hair thinning. This is not always an option for we can do for everyone but before we recommend a surgical or cosmetic solution we like to explore laser hair therapy or the use of minoxidil to grow your hair back naturally.

Hair Loss Treatment Options for Millennial Men

Regardless of your age, if your hair thinning don’t wait, come see us and let us discover why your have hair loss and show you the options you have that can give you back a full head of hair. Call us at (800) 842-4247 or book a free confidential appointment online now.

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