trump clinton 2016Politicians use everything within their grasp in an attempt to display their values, personalities, and intentions to a public desperate to size them up in sound bites. Simply, there isn’t one aspect of their appearance that they can afford to leave to chance, even for just one day.

Regardless of your position: hair matters in politics. While it may not come into play in this especially divisive election, a candidate’s appearance can go a long way to influencing the general public. Beyond that, Presidential candidates are humans just like the rest of us and they too suffer from the internal anxieties related to the presentation of their hair. This post will cover a few thoughts on both candidate’s hair, as well as a fascinating infographic detailing the hair styles of all the previous candidates.

Hillary Clinton’s Hair

While male politicians have been scrutinized over their haircuts in past years, few have taken the repeated criticisms over aspects of their personal grooming and appearance that Hillary Clinton has endured. The reason is simple, yet discouraging: on some internal level, we cannot separate women from the way they look. While we could laugh at Bernie Sander’s wild mane or poke fun at Trump’s goofy hair and then move on, Clinton’s hair is somehow viewed as a part of her character.

Looking back at the ways in which Clinton has adapted her hair to suit her various life stages is fascinating. It has been  chopped, grown in, tucked, dyed, and shaped for her new careers, changing public and personal roles and political contests. Whether you’re with her or not, take some time to see how Hillary’s hair has evolved throughout the years.

Donald Trump’s Hair

While his name alone evokes many emotions, we’re only going to focus on his hair. The mystery behind Donald Trump’s hair is quite elusive, as many have suggested that his hair is either a toupee or a comb over. However, it’s definitely not a toupee. Donald Trump’s hair does look like a comb over in an unusual direction, but it isn’t hiding a bald spot, so it’s hard to say that a comb over qualifies in this situation, as hair combed on top of more hair isn’t technically a comb over.

Although Donald Trump is standing firm in his conviction to “Make America Great Again,” he has suggested that a hair style change would be in order if he were to win the election, according to the Daily Mail.

A Presidential Hair History Of The USA

Check out this infographic by Ogle School to see how Presidential hairstyles have evolved throughout the storied history of our great nation. 

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