Non-surgical hair replacement men CT ConnecticutIn recent years, many hair loss sufferers have begun turning to non-surgical hair replacement options rather than opting for hair transplant surgery.

Hair replacement systems have evolved and improved exponentially, and they’re not longer thought of as the tacky “rugs” from days gone by. Modern hair replacement systems are handcrafted to match your hair color and density, as well as your hair loss pattern, creating nearly undetectable, natural-looking results.

Continue reading to learn about the advantages of choosing a non-surgical hair replacement system like Virtual Reality Hair.

What Are The Benefits Of The Procedure?

Virtual Reality Hair Provides Natural Results: Virtual Reality hair replacement involves a gossamer thin, flexible second skin-like surface that offers a natural growth pattern, matched to your own hair. Virtual reality hair replacement stands in stark contrast to other immediate treatments (hair extensions, hair pieces, and wigs), as it is perfectly matched to your own hair— it also involves a unique bonding method to ensure that it looks natural.

Virtual Reality Hair Replacement Has No Limitations: Fortunately, non-surgical hair replacement can work for anyone– men, women or children. It’s an option for patients who have been severely scarred from hair transplants or burns and it’s a viable option whether you are experiencing hair loss from hereditary factors, a medical condition, chemotherapy or a variety of other reasons. Unchained from limitations, you can literally ask for any hair color, style, density, length or texture that you want.

Hair Replacement Systems Guarantee Results: hair procedures involving surgery often take six months or longer to see the results you desire in terms of hair density. In some cases of extensive hair loss, surgery simply may not be an option. With Virtual Reality hair replacement systems, however, every individual has the opportunity to have a full head of hair again and a restored sense of confidence.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Surgery: The key benefit of a non-surgical hair replacement is just that– it’s non-surgical. There’s a variety of complications that can coincide with surgery, from the dangers of anesthesia to the risk of infection or the possibility of scarring. Many patients who opt for the surgical route experience significant discomfort after the procedure. With Virtual Reality, there are far less risks. You can walk into InVisions with thin hair and leave the office 60 minutes later with a beautiful head of hair and restored confidence.
Here are some of the additional benefits that have enticed people to make a change for the better: 

  • It’s nearly undetectable, even to human touch
  • You can have any hair style you want
  • No daily maintenance
  • No more worrying about bright lighting
  • Peace of mind when you have to go out in the rain
  • No worrying about your hair and checking the mirror every five minutes

How Does Virtual Reality Hair Replacement Compare With Other Methods?

Innovations such as InVisions hair loss treatments and laser hair growth technology have helped people in the early stages of hair loss retain and thicken their hair.  Improvements in hair transplantation have allowed qualified surgeons to move hair from the donor area on the back of the head to the thinning area. However, a hair transplant does not stop future hair loss and it does not increase the number of hairs on your head.

Traditional hair replacement and hair systems are often, thick, bulky and uncomfortable.

With Virtual Reality you’ll have a full head of natural hair and the style you want within your first session. There is essentially no home maintenance other than washing, conditioning, and normal styling. In fact, Virtual Reality hair replacement has earned a reputation as being a Hollywood “secret” for movie stars because it is used so frequently throughout the industry, without being noticeable.

Compared to other options available for hair loss treatment in Connecticut, InVisions Virtual Reality hair replacement system is a quick and efficient solution. It can be incorporated with your existing hair as soon as you’re ready, or you can opt for gradual improvements.

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