If you’re looking for solutions for your hair loss, there are a lot of options. Hair replacement is a non-invasive process that can give your hair a full, realistic appearance. Hair transplants involve surgical procedures in which your own hair is redistributed to give your hair a more even look. Trying to figure out which process is right for you? Here are the differences between these two procedures.

men's hair replacementHair Transplants are Surgical

If you choose to pursue a hair transplant, you should be aware that it is typically a single-day outpatient surgical hair restoration procedure. You must undergo anesthesia, which comes with risks. There is also a risk of infection with this procedure. After the surgery, many patients experience pain that can be treated with pain medication.

Conversely, hair replacement is a non-surgical, simple procedure. There are different types of hair replacement, but all involve attachment of real human hair from another source to provide you with fuller hair. These procedures are non-invasive and have little to no risk.

Hair Replacement Guarantees Results

With hair replacement, every person that undergoes treatment has the ability to achieve a full head of hair. In relatively short periods of time, ranging from same day to six months, you will achieve the results you’re looking for. Because hair replacement does not rely on your own hair, your hair restoration expert can guarantee results.

Because hair transplants rely on your existing hair, there are no guarantees with the results. The results that are achieved can take anywhere from six months to over a year to develop. Once you see results, they might not be what you hoped for. There are no guaranteed results with hair transplants.

Wmen's Hair ReplacementHair Transplants Have Limits

Hair transplants simply redistribute your existing hair. For this reason, your hair will not look as thick as it could with some hair replacement tactics because the grafts can only be placed so close together. Additionally, hair transplants can only give you the look of hair you already have.

Hair replacement can give you hair of any color, texture, or style you desire. You can have extremely full, natural-looking hair and can achieve the style you’ve always dreamed of. Because hair replacements do not rely on your own hair, there are few limitations to the process.

Hair Replacement is for Any Level of Hair Loss

Because hair replacement involves outside hair, it can be applied to a scalp with any level of hair loss. With all levels of hair loss, there is a hair replacement procedure that can fit your needs.

Hair transplants only work with certain levels of hair loss. You must have enough hair that it can be redistributed throughout your scalp. However, you must have enough hair loss that the procedure is a viable option. Hair transplants are only recommended for people with 5-50% hair loss.

Hair Transplants are Permanent

It’s important to realize that once you commit to hair transplant surgery, it’s a permanent change to your appearance. This procedure cannot be reversed and is therefore only recommended for older people with permanent hair loss. Typically, hair transplants are only recommended for people over 40.

Hair replacement procedures are not permanent. They can be reversed at any time for any reason. It’s a great solution if you’re suffering from temporary hair loss for reasons such as Alopecia. With hair replacement, you can rest easy knowing you’re not making a commitment to a permanent change to your appearance.

Hair Replacement Will Not Grow Like Normal Hair

When you choose hair replacement, you are choosing to add hair from another source to your scalp. For this reason, this additional hair will not grow naturally. It can be treated and styled like normal hair and still requires regular maintenance, but it will not grow.

Because hair transplants involve attaching your own hair to other parts of your scalp, it will grow like normal hair. Once your hair is redistributed, you will feel like your old hair is restored. It will grow like normal hair and feel completely natural because it’s your own hair.

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