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Charles – Male Pattern Baldness

“I don’t think I would look good bald. Now I have people tell me how good my hair looks.”

Charles’ Story

I was in my early 30’s when I noticed my hair loss. I didn’t waste any time looking for a solution. About five years ago I went to my reunion and I took notice of the number of people going bald. The one insecure things I have is going bald. I think any man feels this way especially if they have nice hair. I didn’t think I would look good bald. I like having my own hair.

With help from laser hair therapy and hair loss control products I now has a full head of hair. I have had people tell me that my hair looks really good. Even my beautician notices the difference in how my hair looks and feels. My hair is better now than it was in my 30’s as far as the texture, thickness and the body.

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