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Men’s Hair Replacement

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Jesse – Male Pattern Baldness

“I’m Tired of Shaving My Head”

Jesse’s Story

I was around 18 when I started to experience hair loss. After that I started shaving my head. I might let my hair grow in slightly in the winter time for some warmth, but mostly I kept it shaved. I always wondered what it might be like to have hair again.

I had an opportunity recently to visit a hair replacement studio to try a new hair system and I think it turned out awesome. People were really positive towards it. I was blown away how natural it looked. My wife was completely happy, even star struck about it. She couldn’t stop touching it and running her hands through it. She was very pleased with the results.

It’s like your real hair. You don’t feel anything, you just have hair again. When I’m driving I like to wear a hat and I had to loosen up my hat because I have more hair now. If I had this done fifteen years ago nobody would have ever known I had this done. It is so great.