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Scott – Male Pattern Baldness

“I got tired of feeling like I always had to wear a hat to cover my hair loss”

Scott’s Story

I started losing my hair when I was around 16 or 17 years old. Then I started wearing a hat everywhere. I didn’t like taking it off not even during the pledge of allegiance or during the national anthem.

I would do jobs where I could wear a hat. I was a bartender, and I also became a personal trainer. I would even teach my water aerobics classes with a hat on. It got to a point that I wanted a career change and was going to get a job at a reputable insurance company. I knew I had to do something about my hair loss. I had concerns about how it would look and what people would think about it.

When I finally did get a hair replacement it was amazing. People never noticed anything about except for the fact that I wasn’t wearing a hat. Taking a shower for the first time with a full head of hair was great. It was something I hadn’t had felt in a long time. It has installed a lot of confidence in myself. It’s been great to have a full head of hair. I can do all the things I want to do and I don’t have feel like I have to wear a hat anymore.