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Men’s Hair Replacement

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Spencer – Male Pattern Baldness

“I got tired of feeling like I always had to wear a hat to cover my hair loss”

Spencer’s Story

I think I was starting to mute away somehow, and that was just my mindset. I would look at my hair and other peoples hair and I wanted to experience a new look, a new style. I felt my confidence dwindling. I start to feel like the age was starting to seep in and I am kinda anti that process. Then I met you guys and it was a warm welcome. It was very private, very confidential and you can walk in there and that they will work with you and understand what you need and deliver it.

It was interesting and different to see myself in a new light. You will look at every mirror, every reflection, and that is exactly what I did. If it was raining and I had a receding hairline, I would be worried about it so I always wore a hat. I have many, many hats at home and I don’t wear one any more because I want to show off my hair.