Hair Loss and the Holidays. Hair Replacement Connecticut

I have always loved the holidays. But in recent years, I’ve dreaded them more and more.

Two years ago, I decided to return to my hometown for the holiday celebrations with old friends and family. I was so excited, but I couldn’t help worrying about what people would say when they saw me after such a long time. I’d lost a lot of hair since my previous trip home. And being self-conscious already, I soon started to dread the look on familiar faces when they saw the not-so-flattering “new” me sans hair.

I began thinking about my youthful looks and even went to the trouble of searching for old family photos from past holidays. To look at those pictures and see how I looked with a full head of hair made me incredibly depressed. And I know it was irrational, but I started to worry about what my family and friends would think and (not) say. I dreaded the stares.  I dreaded conversations where, instead of looking at me, they were looking at my scalp instead.

I decided not to feel sorry for myself and started researching hair replacement studios. I quickly found a studio nearby. I was extremely pleased with my consultation for my thinning hair and felt that the treatment for hair loss and the hair replacement options they offered could actually work for me.

My goal, with Christmas only six weeks away, was to have fuller, healthier-looking hair that I could be proud of again. So I decided to give it a go. Let’s face it. I literally had very little to lose.

I made an appointment in early November and two weeks later, just before Thanksgiving, I looked in the bathroom mirror and saw an image of me that I hadn’t see in 10 years! My hair looked amazing. It was full and youthful looking. I loved the style – which I could never have worn just a month earlier.

I can’t tell you what it did for my sense of self. I literally felt…. well, I can’t tell you how good I felt. I literally went out and bought a hairbrush and cruised the shampoo aisle at the grocery store like a kid in a candy shop.

The next month I headed back to my hometown for Christmas. This was the first time in five years I’d been back, and I was nervous to say the least.

Of course, no one gave my hair a second glance. And to be honest, deep down, I always knew they wouldn’t. That’s when it hit me that hair loss really did affect my inner sense of self-worth and confidence in a deep and profound way. And because I now felt confident in my own appearance again, I was able to concentrate on having a wonderful Christmas with the people I care most about.  And besides, I looked younger than the old gang I grew up with!

Have you experienced the anxiety of going home for the holidays due to stress from hair loss? Don’t let another year go by. It doesn’t matter the type of hair loss you have or how much you have lost. There are treatment options that can help you as they did me.

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