hair loss specialist connecticut August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month! We’re celebrating by educating people about hair loss. Hair loss is a pervasive issue for both men and women of all different ages. Despite the widespread nature of this problem, many people don’t have proper information about the issue. Here are 11 facts you probably didn’t know about hair and hair loss!

1. Hair is Low Priority for the Body

Hair isn’t a vital organ or tissue. It has little impact on your body’s survival. Therefore, the body places hair and hair growth low on its list of priorities. When your body does not receive enough nutrients, it will cut off nutrients going toward your scalp in order to direct them to more vital organs or tissues. If your body is low on energy for its vital processes, it is likely to shut down hair growth in order to conserve energy.

2. Aging Hair is Different

If you have gray hairs, you might notice that they have a different texture than your hairs with pigment. This difference in texture isn’t in your head. It’s the result of oil glands that produce less seburn (the substance that keeps hair and skin supple). The depletion of this production leads to dryer, more roughly textured hair.

3. Hair Growth Averages a Half-Inch Per Month

Despite many people’s beliefs, cutting your hair will not speed up this process. The only improvements on hair growth come from the scalp. Often times hair growth is faster in the summer than in the winter, probably from the increased vitamin D along with improved healthy habits in the summer.

4. Hair Follicles are Sensitive

Your hair follicles are extremely sensitive. These buds live deep in the epidermis, with the nerves around these follicles being especially sensitive. Because these nerves are hypersensitive, the feeling of cold makes the muscles contract, creating goosebumps on your skin.

5. Gray Hair is Actually White

There is actually no such thing as gray hair pigment. White hair occurs when your hair loses pigment. When your hair looks gray, it is because your naturally pigmented hairs are interspersed with white ones.

6. Hair Loss is Common After Childbirth

After having a baby, it is very normal to experience hair loss. This hair loss is due to the hormone changes that your body experiences after childbirth. Additionally, childbirth causes significant stress on the body, which is another common cause of hair loss.

7. Your Diet Affects Hair Health

What you eat can have an impact on the health of your hair and on your hair growth. If you lack in certain vitamins, you might experience hair loss. Conversely, when you eat vitamin-rich foods such as Greek yogurt and salmon, you can stimulate your hair growth. Your iron intake can affect your hair growth as well, causing hair loss when your intake is too low.

8. Stress Can Trigger Hair Loss

When you experience stress or a significant trauma, you can experience hair loss. This condition is known as telogen effiuvium. When you experience a traumatic event, your body often goes into survival mode, shutting down hair growth in the process. However, this type of hair loss isn’t usually permanent, and will end when your body recovers.

9. Exercise Can Cause Hair Loss

Exercise is great for your body, but over-the-top exercise can lead to serious health problems. When you push your body past its capabilities, it needs significant recovery time. Therefore, when you continuously push your body to this point, it does not have ample time to recover and will enter survival mode, cutting off hair growth. Fortunately, this type of hair loss is reversible if you choose to resume a healthy exercise regimen.

10. More Women Seek Treatment

Hair loss is quite common in both men and women, but is more common in men. However, it is much more common for women to seek treatment for hair loss than it is for men. Despite this discrepancy, there are hair loss solutions that can give both men and women great results!

11. Hair Loss is Normal

Hair loss can happen to anyone! In fact, the average person loses 150 strands of hair every day. Men and women can both suffer from hair loss, and it is common in both genders. Hair loss does not just affect older people. Young people can experience hair loss too. If you’re experiencing hair loss, don’t forget, it’s totally normal and can affect anyone!

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