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Custom Made Human Hair Toppers for Women with Thinning Hair & Hair Loss

womens toppers hair pieces connecticutWhile there is no cure for hair loss or alopecia, there most definitely are solutions. Throughout their lifetime, over 40% of all women will experience some degree of hair loss and thinning hair, At InVisions of Connecticut we offer the latest in hair restoration and hair replacement solutions for women, including our very popular custom made human hair toppers.

A topper is a small hair system or hair piece that typically clips into your own hair to give your hair more fullness and coverage. It can be very small so as just to fill in your bangs or larger if you have more acute hair loss in the top and crown area. The topper sits on top of your own hair and is secured with ‘comb clips’ which snap on some of your own hair. It is secure and will not fly away even during a workout.

At Invisions of Connecticut we use only the finest 100% natural human hair in our custom made toppers to ensure that it blends in perfectly with your own hair, including hair color, density, and weight so that the style is just the way you want it to look and flow. Our custom made toppers are light, cool to wear, and totally undetectable.

Style: Custom Made Just for You

womens human hair toppers hair pieces connecticutA custom made topper from Invisions of Connecticut should fit you perfectly, like a tailor-made suit or dress. We measure and take a mold of your head and pay particular attention to your front hairline, ears, sideburns and the nape of your neck to make sure it fits perfectly and is totally undetectable during daily wear, even when you go to the gym.

We create your topper to perfectly match your own hair. When it is ready to be fitted, we cut and style it to look completely natural and beautiful. We also take the time to teach you how to care for you topper so it continues to look great as you go about your daily activities. A custom made topper of this quality typically lasts between two and three years.

For women with thinning hair, our custom made toppers offer just the right amount of hair you need to give you a fantastic natural look.

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