BangsBangs or No Bangs

The question that crosses the mind of every girl at some point in her life is this, “Bangs or no bangs?” For many of the adults today, when they were little, they had no say in how their hair looked. For many, it was the bowl-cut. The easy, “every-mom-can-do” hair cut. But as we all know, wasn’t the best look. It might have been easy, but mom wasn’t thinking about your face shape. We can simplify this right now; bangs can only look the best when paired with the right face shape.

Lets start with an easy one. An oval-shaped face is the face shape that works with any kind of bang. Asymmetrical, short, long, wispy, whatever, it will look good. Fun and edgy looks can easily be pulled off.

If you are one of our friends with a round face shape, a good tip to remember is to keep the bangs shorter in the middle. This will actually give more of an oval look to your face shape. We have also notices that a wispy bang is another good choice if you have a round face shape. You will see more of the forehead adding some length. Asymmetrical bangs are always a smart move as well.

Like how a shorter bang works for a round face, a long bang works for a longer face shape. A longer bang will allow the face to look wider than it is. When the bang covers the whole forehead, it helps to balance the face shape out helping you achieve the look you want.

But no matter the hair or face shape, if you are suffering because of an existing hair loss condition, or what to do something different with hair extensions or wigs, InVisions of Connecticut is exactly what you are looking for. You can schedule a free consultation and meet with one of our trained hair care professionals. It’s our job to help; all you have to do is get here!


Photo Credit: Denise Mahoney via Flickr Creative Commons