Hair Replacement Questions From a Readers

female hair loss replacement connecticut waterbury new havenLew,

I have almost total baldness because of extreme and unrelenting stress.  My hair was always fine.  I am 61 years old and I feel that because of the age and the continuing stress the hair will not be growing back.  I only have a small patch of hair at the very back of my head.  I was wondering if you could help and if so how do your procedures attach to the scalp and how does it feel?  I don’t want anything that I have to constantly worry about coming off.  Right now I have what my hairdresser calls a stocking cap weave.  This is where human hair is bonded to a stocking cap.  This procedure lasts about a month and then has to be replaced. Any help would be great.


Lew’s Answer

Hi Monica.

I am sorry to hear about your hair loss situation.  Extreme stress can cause our body to “shut down” some of its non-vital functions.  We view our hair as vital, but the brain has it lower on the priority list.  The best way to address any matter like this is to discover and attempt to cure the cause and to treat the symptoms.  Have you seen a doctor or a hair loss professional about your condition?  If yes, what were the findings?   Recent advancements in the hair loss solution industry make treating the symptoms an easy solution.  At Invisions, we invite you in for a complimentary hair and scalp analysis.  During the appointment we would discover the cause and direction of your hair loss and we would discuss your solution options.  You will have options! 

Female hair loss can be treated.  Invisions offers laser hair therapy, Virtuesse hair replacement and reallusions hair restoration as some of your options.  Additional information can be found on our website or by calling 800-842-4247.  You deserve to feel good about your hair again!

Thank you,
Lew Hutchinson
Invisions Director