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Hair Restoration Question from a Reader


My wife recently found out she has Alopecia Areata. She began to lose hair almost a year ago today. We were recommended steroid injections but had very little success. 80 percent of what she lost has come back but has come back without color. She is still missing large areas of her hair. Is there any treatment your office could recommend and/or provide to help her?

Thank you for your time.  – Anthony

 Lew’s Answer

Hi Anthony,

It is great that you are searching for a solution to your wife’s Alopecia Areata condition.  Emotionally, this condition can be very taxing especially for a female.  It must be comforting for her to know that she is not alone in looking for a female hair loss solution that actually works and looks natural.  According to the American Academy of Dermatology, “Alopecia” means hair loss. When a person has a medical condition called alopecia areata, the hair falls out in round patches. The hair can fall out on the scalp and elsewhere on the body.  Contradictory to common beliefs, Alopecia is not caused by nerves, and it is not contagious.  The immune system attacks the hair follicle and causes hair loss.  The individual is typically otherwise healthy.

Women’s Hair Restoration in Connecticut

The first step in treating Alopecia is to visit a physician, preferably a Dermatologist.  The Doctor will review your medications and diet.  If they check out as normal, vitamins and steroid injections are often prescribed.  If this treatment plan does not produce results (it typically does not), it’s time to meet with a Trichologist or a similar hair loss professional. These hair loss professionals also provide hair additions that can be used to restore the look of the patient’s own growing hair. Hair additions is also known as hair replacement or hair restoration, which are are non-surgical and can be added in in one to two office visits.  This is the quickest and most instantly satisfying solution to Alopecia Areata.  My hair loss solution center is called Invisions.  We are located in Middlebury, Connecticut.  Please feel free to call me at 203-598-3599 to schedule a free hair and scalp analysis appointment.  At the appointment we will discuss and review your wife’s Alopecia condition.  Then we will discuss her hair loss options.  She will have choices and she can feel better about her hair again.

Thank you,
Lew Hutchinson
Invisions Director

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