Kendall Jenner HairstylesReality television was pivotal in launching Kendall Jenner’s career in modeling. She already has the look but becoming a household name helped increase her popularity. She’s tackled the fashion industry with ease and now her varieties of hairstyles have become the talk of the town. So much so that Time magazine went on to name her one of the most influential teenagers of 2015. So how can you keep up with her glamorous array of hairstyles?

Hair extensions are a great way to really change up your look. From short to long in seconds, Kendall has admitted to using clip-in extensions add a topknot to her hair. It’s a look she loves so much she wore one to her own birthday party.

Getting bangs can be scary for some people. Kendall is opposed to having them cut for her but she has indulged in faux fringe to temporarily obtain that look. Faux fringe is a great solution for anyone who wants to dare to look different.

Kylie Jenner seems to have the market cornered on wigs, but recently Kendall has donned a few fun wigs for work and play. One day she decided to swap looks with her bestie Gigi Hadid, by wearing a blonde wig. To play along, Gigi went brunette and the Internet lost its mind! Jenner also modeled a candy-colored wig for a Vogue shoot and she looked fantastic. Don’t be afraid to have fun with wigs.

If you’ve worked hard to grow your hair long and luscious the thought of chopping it off is unimaginable. Kendall feels the same way so when duty called she chose to wear a faux bob. Until you can part with your locks, sporting a bob wig is the perfect temporary fix.

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Photo Credit: celebrityabc Via Flickr Creative Commons


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