Hairpieces Become More Advanced

WIGS for Alopecia Covid19 Trichotillomania Cancer ConnecticutDue to the new technology involving the latest in custom made human hair wigs and toppers, wearing one has become much easier and these hair pieces have become very hard to spot.  We no longer use the heavy, itchy “rugs” that just covered your whole head in a cloth base.  Lighter, more natural looking hairpieces are produced, that are easy to style, and even look and move just like real hair.


Monofilament is that main difference in the look and feel of today’s hair pieces.  It is a cool, gauzy nylon that’s transparent and soft, letting your natural scalp show through.  Regardless of style, monofilament wigs are virtually undetectable.  There are many cap constructions to choose from, allowing the widest styling options.  Comfortable and lightweight, monofilament wigs are great for both sensitive scalps and hair loss due to illness.

Hand-Tied Monofilament

Hand-tied monofilament wigs involve having each hair tied to the cap, so each hair moves independently.  This makes for greater styling options due to the fact that each hair can be styled in a different direction.  However, since hand-tied wigs involve a lot of labor, they end up being more expensive than those with machine-sewn hair.

Honeycomb Wigs

Honeycomb wigs are one of the most popular wig styles, and is based on crisscrossing strips.  Your own hair is pulled through with the wig hair to help it blend.  Honeycombs are cool, lightweight and very natural looking.  They can come in any size, and extension wigs can be used for longer lengths or more volume at the crown.

Basic Cap (Open and Closed Cap)

Basic cap wigs are the most affordable and durable wigs currently.  The cap itself covers your head but has open construction for better ventilation and a cooler feel.  The lace crown, or “closed cap,” has more volume, and hair is pre-teased at the roots to help hide the construction.  Capless or “open cap,” style differs from the closed cap in that instead of lace, the crown uses open spaces and vertical strips for an overall lighter look and feel.

Lace Front Wigs

Used by movie and stage makeup departments, lace front wigs are used to achieve a natural look.  If you like to wear your hair off your face, then lace front hairpieces might be right for you.  The hairline is hand tied with a sheer mesh strip that is almost invisible and can be completely covered by makeup or made to match skin tones with the use of a damp tea bag to color the sheer front gradually.  These wigs tend to be more expensive and must be handled with care, but the overall effect is breathtaking.

Synthetic vs. Human Hair Wigs

Most wigs are available in either synthetic hair, human hair or even a blend of both.  Advantages to each type such as movement, style versatility, ease of care and cost are all factors to consider, but the best way to see if a wig is right for you is to try it on for yourself.

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