Trichotillomania, or TTM, is a disorder that causes people to compulsively pull their hair. The extent to which an individual pulls their hair varies from person to person, as does the severity of their hair pulling urges. Those with TTM might pull hair from their scalp, eyebrows, arms, or any other location on the body they have hair. The exact cause of the compulsion is unknown, but TTM is categorized as a body focused repetitive behavior and as a neurobiological disorder, with genetics playing a role in the cause.

If you’re suffering from Trichotillomania, you’re not alone. In fact, 2-4% of the population suffers from TTM. Although women experience Trichotillomania more than men, the disorder can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, or background. If you have TTM and you’re looking for solutions, we can help! Read below to learn about some of the possible treatments for Trichotillomania.

Habit Reversal Training

Habit reversal training is a type of therapy that can help you control compulsions and habits. This type of therapy can be very effective in helping your body fight the urge to pull your hair. Many people who have TTM do not even realize they are pulling their hair in the moment. If your hair pulling has reached this level of habit, habit reversal training can be an effective method to solve your Trichotillomania.

Cognitive Therapy

Many people with Trichotillomania pull out their hair because of stress and other psychological issues. Cognitive therapy can help you work through these issues, decreasing your likelihood of pulling your hair. Solving the reasons behind your hair pulling is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you do not start pulling your hair in the future. This type of therapy is especially effective when your hair pulling is the result of a trauma.

Stress Management

Stress is one of the most common causes of hair pulling. Learning how to manage your stress can be a great way to minimize or stop your hair pulling. In addition to lessening the stress that you feel, you should consider learning coping techniques for stress. Learning alternatives to pulling out your hair when you’re feeling stressed will help you stop pulling out your hair.


While you’re learning tricks to minimize or stop your hair pulling, you’ll probably want to seek a solution to the hair loss that your TTM has caused. A high quality wig can be a great solution. When you invest in a high quality wig, it will be made of 100% real human hair and will look completely natural. You can choose whatever style and color you like, whether you want to match your hair or try something new. If you’re looking for a solution for the hair loss caused by Trichotillomania, a high quality wig is a great option.

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