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Ashley – Female Pattern Baldness

“After getting my hair, my life was instantly improved”

Ashley’s Story

I have always had baby fine hair. My hair had got so bad that it just never looked healthy. It would never hold a curl. I could put in a curl in and blaster it with cement and it would droop. I couldn’t put my hair into a fancy ponytail. It was frustrating.

I tried so many products and wasted so much money trying all these different products and nothing worked. I didn’t know what to do. After I had a consultation I got the hair I always wanted and it was an instant ego boost. I really love it. I love playing with it. Now I can put it up and it looks cute, I can put curls in it or keep it straight. It just looks great. The first words of advice I would give someone struggling with hair loss is you need to walk through the door to have your life changed.

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