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Carol – Female Pattern Baldness

“When you lose your hair you think everyone is looking at you. Today I know my hair looks good and I have my self-esteem.”

Carol’s Story

When I noticed my hair was thinning it affected my self-esteem. They say you can lose up to 100 hair a day. So one day I ran my hand through my hair and decided to count. When I counted over 150 hairs I was like, okay, I am definitely losing my hair. You look at your hair and know you can’t do any thing with it.

Carol found a solution in laser hair therapy and hair loss control products.My daughter just a month ago said to me, “mom, your hair is really starting to look nice.” I can even see the difference. It is amazing how depressing you can be when you think everyone is looking at you and thinking, she is really going bald. Because that is how you think about it. Now I don’t even think about it any more and I just go about my day feeling good.

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