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Women’s Hair Replacement

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Cyrsta – Female Pattern Baldness

“My whole family has thinning hair.”

Crysta’s Story

I never really had great hair even as a kid. My teenage years were really tough. I always wore my hair up. I always thought people were looking at me at school, my thin hair really affected my self-confidence.

As I got older I tried to look for something to help me with my thinning hair. I tried different products and while some worked better than others but the results were only okay.

My whole family has thinning hair. We have all looked for ways to help our self-confidence. I would avoided doing things like going swimming because I didn’t want anyone seeing how thin my hair really was.

I worried that a hair replacement would look fake and people would think I was wearing a wig. To my advantage I always wore my hair up so when I came out with my new hair and it was down. Everyone was like wow, your hair looks great you should wear your hair down more often. It really put a big smile on my face. I knew the secret that they didn’t know.