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Women’s Hair Replacement

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Women

Desiree – Female Pattern Baldness

“My hair is coming back and it looks healthy and full.”

Desiree’s Story

I realize I was losing my hair a few years ago. It was very upsetting and embarrassing to me. I always had a full head of hair when I was younger. Full, curly luscious hair. I was really upset the day I notice my hair started getting thin. So I tried to seek out other options to see what I could do to make my hair grow back.

I started to get more confident in myself when I decided to do the laser treatment and using the products and stuff. I am happy to say now that I do have more hair. I have been doing the laser treatments for three years. My hair is coming back and it looks healthy and full.

I love being able to style my hair any way I want. I can wear it up, and I can wear it curly like it is naturally curly. I can wear it straight, wear it down. There are a lot more options I have as far as hair styles. I can color it and get it cut any way I want to. I feel more confident going out everyday knowing that my hair looks great and I feel I look great with how my hair is now.