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Beautiful Custom Human Hair Wigs for Temporary or Permanent Hair Loss.

Invisions of Connecticut has been a trusted name in alopecia wigs and hair loss solutions for over 30 years. Respected by doctors, stylists and professional care givers alike, Invisions of Connecticut has a reputation for care and compassion as one of the finest wig and hair replacement centers in the Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts area. We have helped thousands of women and men maintain their look, style and privacy while undergoing medical treatments.

Any type of hair loss can be devastating, but when hair loss is caused by an underlying medical condition such as Alopecia, Trichitillomania or cancer, it can be especially disconcerting because of the underlying medical condition or treatment protocols causing your hair loss.  There is also the unsettling question of whether your hair loss is temporary in nature or permanent.

Our highest quality 100% natural European hair wigs give clients, both men and women alike, the confidence to work and socialize with family, friends and colleagues while maintaining as much privacy about their hair loss as they wish.

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100% Natural Human Hair Wigs

Choosing the wig that’s right for you doesn’t need to be difficult or stressful. The most important consideration when choosing a custom wig is find one that is comfortable with a look, fit and styling options you love.

Invisions of Connecticut is renowned for our highest quality medical-grade European hair wigs for alopecia and female hair loss. We will help you match your hair’s natural color, texture, density and style. We can create any combination of colors in the style you want using 100% natural human hair of the finest quality.

For those who experience adverse reactions to synthetic wigs, we offer only 100% natural human hair wigs made with the highest quality base materials. This ensures that your wig is extremely comfortable, as well as easy to maintain and style.

Our designs are extremely comfortable, especially for women with alopecia or thinning hair, and look totally and completely natural. And since we offer medical-grade wigs, as opposed to off-the-shelf fashion wigs available at most other stores or online, our wigs are either partially or totally hand tied, with smaller caps to fit patients with little or no hair. Additionally, they are designed to be lightweight and cool, and are made in such a way so as to not irritate a sensitive scalp. They are totally secure and are made with higher quality materials that are far less prone to fading or frizzing.

Human Hair Wigs vs. Synthetic Hair Wigs

There is an enormous difference between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, especially with respect to alopecia wigs. Unlike synthetic wigs, 100% natural human hair wigs allow you to use hot blowers, curling or straightening irons, rollers and color.  Human hair wigs also come with no style, giving you the ability to cut and style your wig any way you wish. As a result, your styling options that are virtually unlimited.

All our human hair wigs are 100% hand knotted and use the very finest processed human hair or virgin European human hair. This allows you a look that cannot be surpassed.

Free, Private Consultations by Appointment

Because some people coming to see us are not feeling well, and we do not want anyone to feel rushed or kept waiting, we encourage you to call or make an appointment ahead of time for a free, confidential consultation. Your consultation will be held in a comfortable, private setting so you can openly discuss your hair loss concerns and determine which hair loss solution is right for you. There is no obligation to make a purchasing decision during the consultation.

At Invisions of Connecticut, we constantly strive to give you the freedom to choose what is the absolute best solution for you. Whether you are just starting to experience hair thinning or are in the most advanced stages of hair loss, Invisions of Connecticut can help with our full spectrum of beautiful European hair wigs and hair loss solutions.

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