Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Men

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Non-Surgical Men’s Hair Loss Solutions

Finding the right men’s hair replacement solution or hair loss treatment can be one of the most important decisions of your life.

Transitions custom men’s hair replacement systems are specifically created to meet the specific individual needs of each client. And because it’s totally customized to your specific hair type, color, density and style, it looks and feels totally natural and completely undetectable.

Transitions custom hair replacement systems for men give you a significant increase in overall hair density, as well as the totally natural look and feel of your own naturally growing hair. And of course your custom Transitions hair replacement system can be styled and colored to your favorite look and style.

Custom Hair Loss Solutions for Men of All Ages

Our complete family of Transitions men’s hair replacement solutions lets you live life the way you want, on your own terms. Just look at these unretouched photos of actual client’s hairlines: individual hairs emerging from the scalp, in light density following an irregular pattern. This is how a real, growing hairline looks.

The Ultimate in Men’s Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

If you look closely at the Transitions hairline you will see individual hairs emerging from the scalp in irregular pattern and in light density. The Transitions hair replacement system offers a naturally appearing front hairline, proper hair density based on your age and existing hair, where the scalp appears normal and visible even when the hair is parted. That is, there is no perceptible change in coloration, appearance or feel between the original hair and scalp and the Transitions hair replacement.

Transitions is truly a breakthrough in men’s hair restoration solutions, providing an extremely effective solution for hereditary male pattern baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia), as well as hair loss due to factors such as accidents, systemic disorders, or medical treatments.

Say Goodbye to Hair Loss Anxiety

Now you can say goodbye to hair loss anxiety and feel confident about your hair and the image you project to others both socially and in your career. At InVisions of Connecticut, we offer a complete range of custom men’s hair restoration and hair loss treatment solutions to help you restore not only your hair, but also your life.

If you are concerned about your thinning hair and balding, we invite you to contact us today to schedule a free, private, no-obligation consultation with an InVisions men’s hair loss specialist, and see just how much you have to gain.

Men's Hair Loss Restoration Replacement Connecticut CT

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We invite you to schedule your free, confidential hair loss replacement consultation today. Meet with a trained Invisions of Connecticut hair restoration professional at our state-of-the-art hair replacement center in Middlebury, Connecticut . There is no charge or obligation! We will provide you with complete information regarding causes of baldness and specific treatment or hair replacement options tailored to your individual situation and lifestyle.

Each of our procedures is individually designed for your specific needs and lifestyle and budget. Whether you are just starting to experience baldness or are in the most advanced stages of hair loss, we can help with our full spectrum of professional treatment options.

At Invisions of Connecticut, we constantly strive to give you the freedom to choose what is the absolute best solution for you. We provide our clients with personalized custom solutions that are so incredibly natural that there is simply no reason to suffer from hair loss or baldness any longer.

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