It’s October and that means it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. It is worth taking a moment to think about the women that we love that have had to deal with or are dealing with breast cancer. Often with regular screening, breast cancer can be detected early. When it is caught early enough there are treatments that have helps thousands beat this disease. By making time to be examined you may be saving your life.

Chemo Medical WigsChemotherapy
Those undergoing treatment for breast cancer typically has chemotherapy administrated for short periods over several weeks. Not everyone who has chemotherapy will get sick from it, just like not everyone will lose their hair. With some forms of chemotherapy, a person may only have some shedding, while other forms may cause an individual to have very noticeable or even complete hair loss.

Coping with Hair Loss
Hair loss is something men or women don’t want to have happen. It can be a hard thing to handle when you are already dealing with being diagnosed with cancer. If you develop hair loss as a result of your chemotherapy treatments, there are several options that can help you keep your confidence up while you go through your treatments. Today there are high-quality human hair and synthetic medical wigs and laser scalp treatments. Thanks to advances over the past decades, cancer patients don’t have to fear losing their hair and their dignity like they used to. Our professional hair loss specialists at Invisions of Connecticut can help design a program that is geared specifically to your needs.

Medical Wigs
There is no question that cancer is an incredibly difficult disease to work through and those suffering from it have to handle a great deal of stress and emotions. Temporary hair loss is a normal part of the treatment for most patients which adds even more stress. Today medical grade wigs are a wonderful solution. They are designed to be worn by those with very little to no hair on their scalp. They are custom made to fit our head shape and that means you get a perfect fit. They are comfortable and allow you to have great looking hair even when you don’t feel your best. Medical grade wigs can be made from synthetic or 100% European human hair that gives you an unbelievable natural look and feel that you can even style just like your own natural growing hair.

When an individual is diagnosed with cancer the last thing they need is to have something else to worry about. The advances that have been made over the last few decades with wigs is truly amazing. Now even while you are undergoing treatment you can go out with friends, go to work and know that nobody will be looking at your lack of hair from your chemotherapy treatments. You can confident in how you look and enjoy your hair.

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