No Hair Struggles

Blame it on Pinterest — today’s women suffer a whole lot of hair envy. Thanks in part to picture-perfect snaps of models with ready-made, gorgeous locks that seem to never fall out of place. The love/hate struggle is real; we’re only human. But rather than letting our insecurities cripple us, let’s look for solutions, beginning with these five major ones.

Hair Falling Out

While men experience this too, with women it can be lot more messy to clean up. Wet strands all over the shower floor. A brush-full of hair. The reminder that you aren’t getting any younger. Here are more FAQ’s regarding women’s hair loss.

Solution: The culprit could be hormones, such as those brought on by the pill. Or, they can be a common case of Trichotillomania. Keep your diet in check and be gentle with your hair. When it’s wet, only use a wide-toothed comb.

Hair Gone Flat

After two hours in the salon, you’re ready to rock the red carpet — or your date’s night. But suddenly your hair has gone flat, looks limp. He doesn’t even notice the effort you’ve just made!

Solution: Get instant volume by carrying a mini-sized mousse spray. Simply pump some into palms and massage into the roots. Plus, use a regular volumizing shampoo and conditioner for weekly treatments.

Dull and Dry Hair

Hair naturally loses its shine and color with age. It can tend to go dull even shortly after a new hair color treatment.

Solution: Deep Cleanse once a week, and try a natural treatment such as coconut oil to soothe your roots.

Wanting Exactly What You Don’t Have

Frizzy hair, flat hair, curly hair, straight hair… if we don’t have it, we seem to want it. And we’re always looking at the next best product, the next trend promising to bring us joy.

Not everyone can be a Beyoncé with a new hairstyle every day. But a couple of good quality wigs in your wardrobe can be a fun accessory. Don’t be afraid to go for a drastic new haircut, change of color or even permanent style. You will experience trial and error — but at least you tried.

Inner Dissatisfaction

Sometimes, the root of the problem goes deeper than your scalp. Stress in life can affect how we feel — and look — on the outside.

Solution: Remember, no amount of expensive hair treatments will make you feel beautiful. Unless you truly believe that you are. Embrace your natural beauty. If you’re experiencing hair loss seek help from a professional hair loss specialist. At InVisions of Connecticut we can help make the necessary changes and improvements you need to get on the path to great health and pure beauty.

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