hair extensions connecticut Summer time means sunshine, tan skin, and beachy waves in your hair. To achieve the perfect summer hairstyle, sometimes you need a little help. Extensions can help you achieve the long, shiny hair you’ve been dreaming of. However, during the summer you’ll need to take extra care of your extensions to keep them looking beautiful. Here are some tips for caring for your extensions this summer.

Shampoo Carefully

Even when they’re made of natural hair, it’s important to take a little extra care with extensions. You should shampoo them carefully and avoid pulling on them whenever possible, as it can stretch and damage the extensions. Avoid shampoos and hair products with sulfates, as these can be especially damaging.

Use Less Harmful Dyes

You might be tempted to go bleach blonde for the summer months, but you should avoid dyeing your extensions when you can. If you do decide to dye them, work from the ends, applying the dye carefully without pulling. Use a semi-permanent color, as permanent dye can damage the extensions. Go a shade darker than your natural hair, as the extensions will come out lighter than your normal hair. If you can, use high quality and organic dyes, as they will be much gentler on your extensions.

Protect Against the Environment

Fog, smoke, and pollution can all diminish the luster and brightness of your extensions. When possible, try to avoid allowing your extensions to come into contact with things. Sun damage can be an issue as well. It can be difficult to avoid sunlight in the summer, and no one should spend the whole season inside! Whenever possible, cover your hair with a sunhat or scarf. Minimizing sun damage will help keep your extensions looking bright.

Take Precautions When Swimming

In the summer months, it’s impossible to avoid swimming in a pool or at the beach; and who would want to? Try to avoid sleeping with wet hair, as it will pull on the extensions and strain them. If possible, wear a swim cap or tie your hair to avoid getting it wet when you take a dip. However, sometimes you want to dunk your whole body underwater. Be sure to wash your hair directly after exposing it to saltwater and chlorine and don’t tie it when it’s wet. You don’t need to avoid swimming, but make sure you take proper precautions.

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