Hair Extensions ConnecticutThe use of hair extensions have become extremely popular in both Hollywood and the world of fashion. And like anything else, there are pro’s and con’s to using them. It’s a great way to change up your style instantly or if you suffer from thinning hair they can make your hair appear fuller. Unfortunately, if worn improperly or too often they can cause damage to your scalp.

Weaves have been known to cause traction alopecia. These extensions are sewn in; requiring the extensive use of braids, which causes hair to be pulled, and over time weakens the follicles. The follicle damage will eventually lead to bald patches. Traction alopecia can be treated but if the damage is too severe it will lead to permanent hair loss.

There are application techniques that require the use of glue and if they are improperly installed it can result in suffocation of the scalp. Our scalps need to breathe the same way we do. Hair follicles need oxygen in order to maintain a healthy head of hair. Do not trust your hair to anyone who isn’t a certified hair extensionist.

Always consult a trained hair professional before deciding to purchase hair extensions. If you’re currently wearing extensions and you’re experiencing any discomfort such as frequent headaches, have them removed immediately. If you’re considering hair extensions consult a hair restoration specialist and safely enjoy a fuller head of hair.

At InVisions of Connecticut we carry the finest brands of hair extensions including Ultratress and Reallusions. We only use 100% natural human hair and our exclusive application techniques are extremely gentle on your scalp. Our experienced and certified hair extensionists specialize in making you beautiful without damaging your existing hair.

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