If you’re experiencing hair loss, you’ll want an effective solution. Many people want a treatment more advanced than a wig or toupee that will provide a permanent solution. One treatment for hair loss is hair transplant surgery, which will provide a permanent solution. However, many people who have experienced hair loss worry about the risks of surgery. Read below to learn about some of the non-surgical options for hair loss.

men's hair restorationProblems With Surgery

There are a few different issues that can occur with hair transplant surgery. The normal risks of surgery, such as infection and issues with anesthesia apply. After the surgery, many people experience itching, swelling, and pain on the scalp. There is also a risk of scars on the scalp after the surgery. Additionally, your hair can continue to thin after your surgery. When you continue to lose your hair, you might experience patches of hair loss and an unsightly appearance after your surgery. In this case, the time and money spend on your surgery will have been wasted on an unsuccessful procedure.

Non-Surgical Options

There are a few different options available to you if you opt for a non-surgical solution to your hair loss. Custom non-surgical hair replacement systems for men women can greatly improve the density of your hair. They’re made of 100% natural human hair and can match any color, texture, and style. This hair restoration system will be integrated with your own natural hair to create a completely natural look. This option can permanently improve the thickness of your hair, but can be adjusted at any time if necessary

Virtual Reality hair replacement for men and Virtuesse for women is a more advanced hair replacement option than Sensigraft and Reallusions. This hair system is a thin, flexible, second skin-like surface that completely mimics natural hair growth patterns. It will not produce any ridges or bumps and is virtually undetectable to the human touch. This hair replacement system can permanently give you the full head of hair you’ve been dreaming of, but can also be adjusted at any time.

How Are Non-Surgical Options Kept in Place?

Because non-surgical options do not involve insertion into the scalp, you might worry that they won’t stay in place. Non-surgical hair replacement systems are applied by skilled professionals, using medical grade adhesives or double-sided surgical tape. These application techniques not only have medical grade strength, but they also involve waterproof liquids, greatly increasing the number of activities you can do with these hair replacement systems. From swimming to working out, water skiing, riding a motorcycle, and even scuba diving, you can do virtually any activity and live your normal life without giving your hair replacement a second thought.

If It’s Not My Hair, Will It Look Natural?

You might think that hair transplant surgery is the most natural-looking option because it uses your own hair. However, non-surgical hair replacement options will look completely natural. They are made of 100% natural human hair and can completely match your natural hair, regardless of color, style, and texture. These hair replacement systems will perfectly match natural hair growth patterns and can be styled just like your natural hair, using hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons. Despite the fact that non-surgical hair replacement options are not your real hair, they will look completely natural.

Advantages of Non-Surgical Options

When you choose a non-surgical option to solve your hair loss, you don’t have to worry about the risks associated with surgery. However, there are other options to choosing one of these options. Surgical hair transplants are only available to older patients with specific levels and patterns of hair loss. Non-surgical hair restoration is available to anyone, regardless of age, gender, and hair loss pattern. People experiencing hair loss from mild thinning to complete baldness can all benefit from hair restoration. Additionally, your hair restoration can change over time if you want to accommodate a new style. Your solution will be just as permanent as a hair transplant, possibly more successful, and more flexible to your changes in preference over time.

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