If you’re losing your hair, it can be very stressful. You might experience a loss of confidence and constantly worry about how you look. Despite the stress of hair loss, many people do not seek solutions because they’re afraid of looking like they’re wearing a bad toupee. Fortunately, hair replacement has become very advanced in recent years. Read below to learn about some of the different types of hair replacement and how natural they can look!

Natural Looking Men's Hair Replacement

Barber Shop Toupe

The barber shop toupe is a hair piece made with a thick mesh base and held on by tape. The hair is either synthetic or lower quality human hair and is tied into the base using knots.  To conceal the base, the toupe must have a heavy density of hair and styles are restricted.  This type of solution has been around for over 80 years.  At one time, it was state of the art but it is becoming obsolete today.

Hair Piece Bought on the Internet

There has been a surge in companies offering “salon quality” hair systems on the internet.  While the internet is great for many products like electronics and cookware, hair replacement is not one of them. Natural looking hair replacement is part technology and part art.  To look completely natural it is important to work with a hair replacement specialist to design your hair replacement and it is essential to have the hair applied and cut in by a certified licensed professional.  This way your new hair will match your existing hair for color, texture, wave and density. 

Virtual Reality Hair Replacement

Virtual Reality hair replacement is the most natural looking non-surgical solution to hair loss available today. An Invisions hair loss professional will take a mold of your head, outlining your hair loss pattern.  Hair samples will be taken and analyzed for color, texture, wave and density.  From the mold an 8th layer of skin like material will be created.  Hair matched from your samples will be injected into this skin graft in a pattern duplicating your natural growth pattern.  Once this is completed the graft will be applied and cut in by a licensed hair loss professional.  You will be able to choose any style you want and you can work out, shower and swim. The new hair will feel a part of you.  Please click on the video below to view the application process.

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