Have you ever felt like your hair wasn’t as thick as it used to be? It could be something really simple that can easily be addressed. We have put together some proven tips that can restore your hair back to health. Several things can affect your hair from a bad diet, to putting stress on your hair by putting in into a tight bun. See what can be the cause of thinning hair and hair loss and how you can reverse it.

Eat More Protein
Eating foods that are packed with protein is great for your hair. If you are not sure if you are consuming enough try keeping a food diary or a count. Foods like fish and meat are a great source for protein.

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Loosen up
If you hair is constantly being pulled into a tight ponytail then you need to stop doing that. The same can be said for some hair extensions and excessive blow-drying as they can add extra strain to your hair follicles which can result in hair loss. Choose a loose hairstyle and try and give your hair a chance to recover.

Listen to your body
Often your body will give you clues when there is something wrong. A common sign of having a thyroid condition is thinning hair. Particularly hypothyroidism which is often seen in women with post-menopausal. Other symptoms can include weight gain, dry skin and tiredness. If you notice that you suffer from any of these you should talk to your doctor.

Check your vitamin levels
Vitamin D and vitamin B12 are two vitamins your hair loves. When those levels are low they can result in slow hair growth and even thinning hair. If you are concerned you can have your doctor run a blood test to check their levels before you begin taking supplements.

Iron levels too!
We all have stress in our busy lives and that can result in low serum ferritin levels, a protein that stores iron in the body. When you iron levels are low it can result in thinning hair. Taking iron supplements can help raise their levels.

Look after your Scalp
Nothing helps your hair more than a healthy scalp. Look for products that can help to tone the scalp or an exfoliator than can help is loosening flaky build-up and stimulate hair growth.

Use Conditioner
Not using a hair conditioner can leave to hair that dehydrated which becomes brittle and damaged over time.

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